nicole mchenry psychic medium
nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium

psychic medium nicole mchenry
nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium

“Hi Nicole, Thankyou again for being at the event yesterday afternoon. The gals at our table that had readings from you enjoyed them very much, as did I. I did mention to my husband what you said about his mum. He fought back the tears but was happy to hear that, even though he feels uncomfortable about psychics. Thank you for your time and lovely words. Looking forward to seeing you again sometime in the near future.

All the best to you. Have a fantastic week ”

“Thankyou so much for today, it was truly the best reading I have ever had. xxx” - R.

“Dear, dear Nicole - I am so moved by what you have written - I can hardly believe how amazingly accurate it is in places. My father ...  I still miss him very much. I would have loved him to know my son. It breaks my heart that he died before my son was born.

Thank you SO much Nicole - you are amazing and I am so glad I found you - with much love to you.” - Mary - (Some of the personal details were removed by agreement and out of respect for my client)

“Hello Nicole, This is Debra, l was your 8:00 reading Wed night, l just want to say thank you very much, I actually got a lot out of such a short reading with you. I seemed to stumble a bit on establishing who was comming through, and some of the comments seemed a bit left of field (as they do), but after when I had time to think, I realized there was a lot in what you shared with me in such a short time, and in a busy place.

I am now dealing with a couple of things I have been putting off, a car tyre that has needed my attention, my sloppy desk and paper work that needs my attention, and answering my question about girlfriends ..that don’t need my attention, lol.

Again, thankyou very much, blessings.” - Debra

“I highly recommend seeing Nicole as she helped bring much needed clarity to my life. She is highly intuitive with such a beautiful, warm demeanor. Everything she said I could relate to. She was able to connect with my grandfather who has passed on. She is definitely living her true soul purpose.” - Lauren

psychic medium nicole mchenry “As a business owner and single mum life can get quite hectic and doesn’t allow much “me” time. However every time I connect with Nicole I find she gives me perspective on what’s really going on and how it all fits in. Giving me the confidence I need to keep moving forwards with chasing my dreams.

What I love is that Nicole always adds a sense of fun to her messages. I highly recommend her if you are looking for guidance or reassurance” - Susan

“Nicole, I thank you for your email, I have to say I think you are one of the most insightful people I have ever met, there is a wisdom within you that is so honest and real. There are few who could truly understand what you worked on last night.

All aspects of class is a shared learning and the professional way you handled that entire situation was inspiring. You gave everyone such a gift, because now that they have seen firsthand how a professional medium, who can stand in her own light and not allow another to create doubt within them, handle a difficult situation.

Let’s face it, that is what happens in the real world of mediumship, and it is imperative that we as mediums learn how to work with this and come out the other side with our confidence intact. You have given us all a template from which we can measure our own responses when doing a reading.

So again thank you for integrity and professionalism.” - Carol

“Nicole is an extremely gifted psychic medium and healer. I have witnessed her work in a public forum and she has also provided clear, accurate readings for myself. Nicole is professional, approachable, and compassionate.

She enjoys what she does and seeks as much evidence as possible to nail and confirm for the client. It is truly a pleasure to work with her, and I would not hesitate to recommend Nicole for personal readings or business consultations” - Tanya K.

“When looking to purchase a property in Waratah Bay, Victoria Australia, some years ago, my wife and I were unsure of the wisdom of the purchase. We desperately wanted an investment property BUT we also wanted a holiday house by the beach. Waratah Bay seemed to meet both criteria BUT we were still uncertain what the future might hold for us.

As a result we consulted Nicole McHenry to see if we could gain insight into the future, regarding property values gains and the possibility or desirability of renting the property out to friends and friends of friends. Would we receive sufficient rental returns on the property to cover our ongoing costs of ownership, and would we a family use the property for family holidays over time. Nicole assured us she could see the properties in Waratah Bay gaining significant value over time, and further that we would have no difficulty renting the property out over holiday periods. That was positive and reassuring. She also told us she could see our family joining together over the years for happy holidays in the house. All of this has proved correct over time. The value has increased 4 fold, and we do use the property as family holidays on a regular basis. Renting it out is no problem, though we tend to use more for ourselves than renting it out.

The interesting thing was that at the time of purchase I thought we had hassled the price as low as I could get it BUT Nicole told us she felt the owners were a lot more desperate to sell than we had thought. She believed we could get purchase price down a further $5,000 if we simply made an offer of $5,000 less than we prepared to make, and stuck to the offer and did not increase it all. Nicole was right, so not only we get all advantages of the long term ownership but we also managed to save $5,000 on the purchase price. We would certainly consult Nicole again regarding any future property purchase.” - John Nicholls

psychic medium nicole mchenry “Nicole was spot on working with me. She was spot on when we talked about how I look at things, which helped me see how things play out for me.

It was exciting to see what was coming up for me, and I am watching it play out in living color. It doesn’t take the excitement out of it, it just takes the angst out of it.

I enjoy it all as it happens – and it does, just as she said it would !” - Renae S.

“Thanks so much for the brilliant Girls Night In session we had last weekend. You were so warm and friendly and had some brilliant insights for all of us.  We’re still talking about our revelations and everything that the cards revealed.  We couldn’t have asked for a better or more fun afternoon tea.”
“Thank you so much for your 'Girls Night In' yesterday. Everyone said that they loved it, and your readings were spot-on! You really made a brilliant afternoon.” - Katie Tobin

psychic medium nicole mchenry“Nicole McHenry was invited to be our resident Medium and Psychic for our inaugural Girls Only Festival (GO) Festival which was held in February this year at the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. Her sessions were packed on both days, with participants coming away amazed at not only the accuracy, yet the fun way that she managed to deliver even the most important messages There were hundreds of entries for our National competition, and the feedback from the excited winner of her ‘Girls Night In’ group readings, was absolutely glowing. I wouldn’t hesitate to book her again for any event, as she appealed extremely well to our audience which was a blend of the curious to the true believers, and everyone in between. We are looking forward to seeing Nicole take the stage again at the next GO Festival”

nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium nicole mchenry psychic medium
They say that seeing is believing and that’s exactly what I do.

I provide that window of time to connect and chat with those who you no longer see, yet hold so close to your heart.
We all have gut instinct we either ignore or adore. I have refined mine into a gift. Learn to develop who you are in the everyday, have fun with it, or become the medium & psychic you were destined to be. Join Nicole to access special insights, promotions, advanced VIP tickets, private sessions, or just to keep in touch.

Connection with you is one of the ways Nicole honours her gift!
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